I bought this vinegar at a festival with family in Washington State. The taste was amazing on food, and even my wife noticed a difference in our usual cooking. People may think this is supposed to be sweet due to one of the flavors being “Blueberry”, but this is a very zesty and smooth balsamic vinegar. My first vinegar bought from Good Medicine Julia’s, and definitely not my last. I would buy this product again without question. This product is good for whatever you use for a normal balsamic vinaigrette. I used this with salads, meats, pizzas, and pasta recipes just fine.
Tony Price
I have been taking the Anti Inflam and the Deep Lung Defense for 3 years. I don't have to get shots for my arthritis anymore since taking the Anti Inflam, it really works. As for the Deep Lung Defense it has open up my airways for deep breathing. I stand by Julia's good medicine.
Maynard Cordrey
Every year I attend San Francisco Home and Garden Show and always make it a point to stop buy and purchase some goodies at Julia's booth. This year (2015) I purchased Beautiful Skin, Hari & Nails, Memory and Women's Balance and I have noticed a huge difference. I menopausal and the hot flashes were driving me crazy. It's been over 8 months of never sleeping through the night. Hot flashes were waking me up 3-4 times a night. Since I've been taking Women's Balance I haven't had one hot flash and I'm finally sleeping through the night. I've have always been a fan of essential oils and western medicine would only be the last resort for me. This morning as I was putting the last three dropper fulls of women's balance in a shot glass I was terrified OMG I haven't received my refills yet, YIKES and then today the mail person came with my refills. This time I ordered 4oz Julia! Thank you so much for creating Good Medicine!
I love your lavender moisture cream for my face and wanted to let you know that I also find it very hydrating for tattoos. It really brings out the color! I'm also hooked on your ginger honey as well.
My dog and I are very pleased with the results from the ear drops. In just days her ears were clear (she had a nasty yeast infection) and she smelled good too! The flea powder is a most welcome change from harsh chemicals and she is no longer bothered by the pests, provided that I stay aware of the situation. Great value for a great healthier alternative product. Thank you!
Sandra Greer
Everett, WA
I wanted to reach out, and let you know how much I love the facial moisturizer (oil with rose and calendula). I've been using it for months, and have noticed such a difference in my face. I am living in Holland, and it's super dry here- so it is perfect for my skin. I will definitely be ordering some more when I am in town (next June). Wanted to say thank you for your dedication to your work- helping others live more healthily. Love and light, lalainya
I have used the anti-inflammatory for my 3 yr old dog who has a congenital elbow problem. He has always limped and never been able to run. Since using this tonic, Nick can now run and shows NO STIFFNESS after lying down.
Beth Cachat
The Deep Healing Tonic helped me in relieving the pain in my chest and knee from a car accident. I could feel the pain subside in my knee within 30 minutes. The chest pain slowly retreated to nothing within a week. It was great to be conscious of it's healing effects.
Donn Arnaldo
Hi Julia! I purchased your Thai Chile infused honey today at Soul Food Books in Redmond and just wanted to tell you how absolutely lovely it is! ... I'm a huge honey fan and was really delighted to find your products. Thanks so much!
Krista Seffern
I had struggled to find the right combination of various teas, fibers, pills and was so grateful when I started using Julia's Digestive Aid Tonic. It's been a godsend. I have been using the tonic for years. Thanks Julia!
Roberta Lee
Ahh, Now I want tea! I love the tea, I haven't been sick since drinking it.
Woodinville, WA
Dear Julia, I have been delighted by the use of the herbal products for myself and my clients. I especially personally like the lemon verbena and the bois du rois... I want to order some more stuff when I run out. Thanks again so much for sharing these gorgeous products of your loving efforts with the plant kingdom! - Peace, Hayat
Thank you so much for your products. I love the Spicy Elixir! I know we bought a case and will probably give my family some from the case, but it's so good that I'm sure you'll be hearing from some of them. Thank you!
Julia, I bought your ginger honey at the NW Art Show last weekend and I love it!
I LOVE your Wonderful First Aid salve. When I use it on injuries, it stops the pain right away immediately, takes inflamation away, stops infection, and causes rapid healing! My new roommate came to me asking if I had some neosporin as he had just used up his on a little cut that wouldn't heal. I said I had something better. Sure enough, he was wowed because in just a few hours it was looking much better. I'm so glad I have your Wonderful First Aid Salve and I've learned to carry it with me everywhere just in case! I can't wait to try some of your other products. Keep up the good work!
We have been taking the Herbal Cold Remedy for several years and found that it relieves cold symptoms and suppresses coughs when over-the-counter drugs did not work. It also helps relax your upper respitatorial system for more restful nights of sleep without the side effects of medicine.
Calra, Lily, Georgie
My husband had developed bronchial problems and asthma. It has gotten so bad he had to carry an inhaler. I discovered Lung Tonic and Native Lung Tonic a couple years ago and had him try them. He uses Lung Tonic as a preventative and has not had any bronchial problems since. He does not use an inhaler. We are thrilled with the results and recommend Good Medicine products to everyone.
Seattle, WA
I met you at the Mind, Body, and Spirit Expo this past October. I bought a jar of your Deep Healing Salve. It has proved to be exceptionally healing! For years on end I could not find anything to relieve, much less turn back cracking and dry skin in my ears. Recently our dog needed our true natural remedy for a spot of mange - rosemary oil (or lavender) plus lime juice on the areas. I saw her begin to heal and the salve I bought from you was still too mild to do anything except heal for a few moments so I added a dab of rosemary oil right after using your salve on my poor, tired ears. Eureka! The problem had begun to heal for longer periods of time. I will pass on to my friends a copy of the stories where we can find and buy your Deep Healing Salves.
I have felt so great after using the Immune Booster Tonic. It has also helped my digestive problem which the digestive specialist that I have seen could not help me with.
Seattle, WA