Wonderful First Aid Cream

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Size: 2 oz & 4 oz

Traditionally used for Wounds, Rashes, Infections, Itching, Skin Irritations, Splinters, Bed Sores. Can be used on internal or external areas.

Great for Children and Pets too!

Frankinsence, Tea Tree & Rosewood essential Oils,Shea Butter, Golden Seal, Elder,Caster Oil, Aloe Vera, Vit.E, Echinacea, Yarrow, Bistort, Plantain, Calendula, Witch Hazel, Grapefruit Seed Extract, St. John’s Wort, Myrrh, Comfrey, Usnea, Hops, Lady’s Mantle, Chickweek infused in Olive, Almond, Avocado, Hazelnut, Walnut, Neem & Evening Primrose Oils.

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2 oz, 2 oz(Unscented), 4 oz

2 reviews for Wonderful First Aid Cream

  1. Shannon Oviedo

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this cream! I had a skin issue on my arm that was UNSIGHTLY, ITCHY, BLISTURED & OOZY.. it just wouldn’t heal for two months! I tried EVERYTHING! I purchased this at the Puyallup Fair and applied it immediately.. within a week it was completely healed! I SWEAR by this product! I’ve used it on my horses & dogs too! It’s AMAZING!!!!

  2. Danielle

    This cream is magic! I do a lot of hiking with my dog and seem to get poison oak rashes very easily. Over the years I’ve tried almost everything for relief, but they all kept me miserable and itchy….until now. Julia’s wonderful first add took my rash away within a few days and I couldn’t be happier. This is miracle cream for sure!

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