About Julia

Thank you for considering Julia's Good Medicine for your herbal needs.

You may have encountered me at a show (I do over 20 of these each year), or may have seen my products at a store, or this may be your first time--

I tell people my job description is to put herbs into everything!

To infuse the taste, healing qualities and vitality of the herbs into products that will allow you to benefit on all levels. I work with organic herbs and infuse them into pure mediums: oils, vinegars, raw honey, alcohol, etc. I then add the pure essential oils to the herbal body care products to create the extra healing dimension of aromatherapy. The initial smell of the Pure Essential Oils transforms your senses and invites you on a healing journey. The pleasing colors and textures of the products inspire you to indulge yourself. herbs are the Earth’s gift for healing.

The plants that I work with come from two sources:

I begin with loving and growing the plants, listening to and exploring their mysteries and learning how I can share the creation process with them. As a wild crafter I am sensitive to the environment as I share in the earth’s bounty. Being in tune with the cycles and rhythms of growing, harvesting, and composting reflects my own inner attunement to my spiritual path as well. My wish as an herbalist is to live in a way that is congruent with the seasonal cycles of nature.

I am like a pioneer in creating herbal products.

There is extensive research on the herbs themselves, but very little is known about preparing the herbs in various body care products. There are few tried and proven recipes. By experimenting with various oils and essential oils I have created products that offer herbal healing properties in pleasing formulas. Even with the best of measuring techniques, it is still a process of what my "nose knows" on that day, or how the herbs and oil combinations come together, or perhaps I found a better way to preserve or prepare a salve. I pass along to you these results as I grow and learn in my herbal preparation skills.

Due to the variation in herbs, seasons, whether fresh or dried, various suppliers of essential oils, and new learning I have acquired, each production may vary slightly just because that is how hand-crafted things are. It is my desire that my personal involvement in the production process will make a positive difference in the lives of those who use these products.

My path with herbs

I started with the intention of taking more control of my health. At first, my interest focused mostly on tinctures, to help cure chronic distress symptoms for my family. As our health improved, I looked for ways to use the herbs more as food. We adorned our family table with the taste and healing properties of our "Herbal Gourmet" vinegars, olive oils and honey.

I’ve been on this path of herbal wholeness and healing for a decade now. I feel that I’ve reached a deeper place in myself and in this business. My intention when I get up in the morning is still the same: to create beauty and wholeness with my products. I still make everything by hand, from the earth to you.

In my other business, The Perennial Optimist, I am a landscaper. The heavy demands on my body led me into the body care products and my bath room became my personal spa and sanctuary. Thus, I created the herbal bath salts to soak my body in the tub, afterwards using the various salves and creams for further healing. Lip balms, massage oils and spritzers complemented my "Home Spa" and body care ritual.

My Kitchen

is filled with the sights and smells of organically grown and wild crafted herbs. The shelves are filled with jars of herbs in various mediums vinegars, honey, various oils, and tinctures in alcohol. After two to four months, these mediums absorb the healing properties of the herbs and then can be used in various products I create.

Please experience your own relationship with these herbal products to see if they can add to your health and well being.
Love, Julia